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Entrepreneur, content creator

Hey, I'm Aflu, the creator of AF World by Alfu, a dynamic YouTube channel dedicated to sharing valuable knowledge and information on various topics. Established in 2018, AF World serves as a platform for enlightening viewers globally. Covering diverse subjects such as health, technology, finance, education, and more, my approach to presenting information involves storytelling and practical examples, ensuring accessibility for all. With engaging, well-researched content, AF World has garnered thousands of subscribers and millions of views, reflecting my commitment to providing top-tier content. I'm passionate about educating and empowering others, and AF World stands as a testament to that dedication, offering a valuable resource for those eager to expand their horizons.


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AFLU is gifted with the skill of effective communication, patience, and the quality of constantly motivating people around him. I am sure he will always be an asset to any team or company.

Neha R

AFLU  is an excellent and passionate communicator. He works with utmost enthusiasm in all his jobs and is smooth in turning comments and suggestions. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.


AFLU  is one of the keen & finest learner since I meet, his thirst of learning new things and skill sets made him grow exponentially in his professional journey.He has potential to revolutionise the logistic ecosystem.I used to say him don’t forget the dialogue of “Dangal Movie”which I used say him always before approaching any clients in this industry.Being a keen learner’s he engraved it in his professional & personal life .He always come up with solution wrt any challenges in logistic ecosystem

Rahul K

Working with AFLU was the best decision I ever have made in my content writing career. He knows the ins and outs of this industry, and not only that, he can make anyone understand SaaS. I literally haven't met such a SaaS enthusiast like him. He is the leader every newbie in a company wish to have!


Extremely polite and pleasing personality. Always there to help out never loosing patience. The attitude with which he handles people and work alloted to him is immensely appreciable.Wish him success ahead 👍


Most enthusiastic & motivated person who exhale positivity. Good Luck & thank you for all your support.

Priya S

One of the most dynamic and intelligent juniors I have mentored. Always have a quest to do better and learn more is what makes Pratik stand out in a crowd.

Sara M

AFLU is an energetic and ambitious person with unique an innovative ways of dealing with problems. His creative mind makes him an amazing member to be a part of organization's workforce.


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