Youtube Masterclass

Youtube Masterclass BY AFLU

Youtube Masterclass BY AFLU

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✅ Lectures: 63 Recorded Sessions
✅ Bonus Session: Structured Learning, Community & Networking, Get Certified.
✅ Class timings: Watch Anytime & Anywhere
✅ Access: Lifetime access to course content (Recordings Available)
✅ Pre-requisites: No Pre-requisites (Beginners Friendly)
✅ Course Language: Malayalam
✅ Price for Next 100 - INR999/-

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Meet Your Mentor

Mohammed Aflal P

If you're wondering ' Who am I '? I want to acquaint you with myself. - I am Aflu, a Vlogger and Social Media Influencer by passion and Civil Engineer by profession from God's own country, and I am trying to spread knowledge and information that is useful to you and your future through my YouTube channels since 2018. My ultimate goal is to Educate people and help them to improve their skills to survive this competitive world.


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Course Curriculum

About us

✅ AF World is a YouTube channel created by Aflu that aims to spread knowledge and information about various topics that are useful for viewers' present and future.
✅ Aflu started AF World in 2018 with the intention of creating a platform for sharing informative content with people from all over the world. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including health and wellness, technology, finance, education, and more.
✅ Aflu's style of presenting information is unique, as he uses storytelling and examples to simplify complex topics and make them more accessible to viewers. His videos are engaging, informative, and well-researched, making them an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn something new.
✅ AF World has grown significantly since its inception, with thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Aflu's dedication to creating high-quality content and his passion for sharing knowledge have made AF World one of the most popular channels in its niche.
✅ Overall, AF World by Aflu is a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and learn something new. Aflu's dedication and passion for educating people are truly admirable, and his channel is a testament to his commitment to spreading knowledge and information.

Why Should You Buy This Course?

➡️ Nowadays an AI war is going on in our society, and Now AI is dominating all sectors. this course will help you to understand AI tools which is really helpful to your tomorrow.
➡️ Gain valuable skills and knowledge: An AI course can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge related to AI technology and its applications. This can help you build a competitive advantage in the job market or create new opportunities for income generation.
➡️ Explore new opportunities: AI technology is rapidly evolving, and new opportunities for income generation are emerging. An AI with earning course can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and business models in the AI industry.
➡️ Create new income streams: An AI course can teach you how to leverage AI technology to create new income streams or improve existing ones. This can help you diversify your income and reduce your reliance on a single income source.
➡️ Improve business processes: If you are a business owner or manager, an AI course can teach you how to implement AI technology to improve your business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This can lead to increased revenue and profitability for your business.
➡️ Build a network: An AI course can provide you with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential clients or partners. This can help you build a network of contacts that can support your career or business goals.
➡️ Overall, an AI with earning course can provide you with a range of benefits related to skill development, income generation, business improvement, and networking. It is essential to evaluate the course's content, format, and outcomes to determine if it is suitable for your goals and needs.